Welcome to OZ Racing
Welcome to OZ Racing Suspension a NZ Owned and operated brand from Dodson Perfomance
Company Overview
OZ Racing suspension is a kiwi brand owned by Dodson Performance specializing in the design and manufacturing of high performance coil over suspension kits. Great quality at a great price for New Zealanders.
Coming straight out of design workshops with professional Japanese racing manufactures OZ Suspension has amazing road handling and stability while looking great!
With new things in the mix coming soon OZ Suspension provides comfort in every situation, whether it is a city ride, cross country or G.T. / aggressive driving, even on the racetrack.

Highly qualified technical teams of researches and developers ensures our products are state of the art. Our shock kits, developed in conjunction with professional Japanese racing manufacturers, is sure to add to the performance of your race car.
OZ Racing's goal is to design and manufacture the best quality performance parts at reasonable prices for the everyone and are TUV tested and certified. 

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Jap Race Supplies (03) 374 - 3429

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If you would like to become a retailer of OZ Racing Suspension please contact Dodson Performance on (09) 441 3632


OZ Racing has now taken all steps to insure the safety of its products and is pleased to advise we are know TUV certified ISO9001:2000.

TÜVs (short for Technischer Überwachungs-Verein, Technical Monitoring Association in English) are German organizations that work to validate the safety of products of all kinds to protect people and the environment against hazards.  As an independent consultant, they examine monitoring-needy plants, motor vehicles, energy installations, devices and products (e.g consumer goods). The many subsidiaries of the TÜVs can also appear as project developers for energy and traffic concepts, problem solutions in the area of environmental protection and as certification bodies. Many of the TÜV organizations also provide registration to various standards such as, ISO9001:2000 quality management system and ISO/TS16949 automotive quality management system.