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32 Levels of Damping Force Adjustable

0-8:suggested for race track use

9-16:suggested for mountain anfractuosity use

17-32:suggested for street use


Pillow Ball Upper Mount

To make a turn, drivers can grasp the tiny variable of track surface to make it proper. It can also adjust the angle of of wheel to meet different road conditions.

Sport Spring

Made of SAE9254 steel, tested by more than 500,000 times compression inspections. Deformation less than 5%. Sophisticated surface dealing and durability.

Single Cylinder Design

An innovative racing model design, the single cylinder is the key point to enable the piston to respond sensitively and to provide increased steering control.

Ride Height Adjustable

Full lenth adjusment and ride height adjustment. Allows seperate settings for height and spring preload. T6061 aluminium alloy used for spring and lock sheet. A lightweight design that can bear the spring and vehicle's down force.

Iron Bracket

The best choice to keep rigidity to develop the characteristic of McPerson